Courses are available at a discounted rate, and must be taken within a 6 month period of purchasing.
Private one to one classes, if you would like personalised attention and are interested in developing a practice to suit your particular needs.
Also recommended are one to one sessions for after pregnancy or recovery after minor injuries or illnesses.


PRIVATE SOUND HEALING - 1 hour sessions - £55 / one to one
A healing Meditative session, tailored to suit your personal needs.
Sound therapy is a guided sound journey,to restore inner peace and wellness.



I have always thought of myself as inflexible. I've never been able to touch my toes. I've suffered from stiff necks, poor posture and reduced upper back mobility and I'd resigned myself to "just being made that way'.


I've had a personal trainer for several years and while my fitness and strength improved, my flexibility and balance remained poor. I had always thought that the addition of yoga may produce a more holistic approach to my well being. However, whenever I tried other yoga group classes, I felt lost. I was never sure what they were even saying , let alone what I should be doing. I never wanted to keep going, as I felt so hopelessly behind everyone else. Perhaps yoga wasn't for me.


Last year I decided to contact Rachel for some one to one sessions. I thought at least could be rubbish within the confines of my own home! From day one, the sessions have been well planned (although flexible) and highly enjoyable. Rachel has always challenged me, whilst never pushing me beyond my boundaries. As the training is tailored to my needs, I see improvements every single week and have achieved things I never thought were possible. Needless to say my flexibility is so much better, as is my balance and I am stronger and more toned. It has also benefited my other training, by reducing my recovery times and making me less injury prone.


Rather than yoga just being a helpful addition to my existing training, it is beginning to take a more central role in my life. I have a new found respect and admiration for my own body and what it can achieve! With Yoga there is so much to learn and I am very grateful to Rachel for providing such wise counsel, on the start of this amazing journey.

August 2014