Playful poses to engage both the child's body and mind to help them build
strength,flexibility and balance, have fun and relax.Helps the child to improve confidence and concentration Yoga for kids is the same yoga that is being practiced by adults, but in a fun, creative and interactive way. It is also a unique form of exercising for the kids whose bodies are still developing. Kids nowadays are under tremendous stress due to schoolwork, parents' expectations, peer competition and the environment. All these factors can contribute to nervous stomach ache, anxiety, tensions and headaches. Thus, affecting the way the children behave, their mood and ability to learn.


Yoga is relaxing and fun because it really takes away my stressing and it relaxes me. We
sometimes play games and it stretches me out like a rubber band.

Sarah & Sofia
Age 8

I really enjoy doing Yoga and I have enjoyed it with my teacher Rachel for the last 5 years.
I have gradually been getting more flexible and feel less stressed after school. We play lots of games and learn new moves and poses as we are taken on a different journey. We have been taken through jungles, climbed up snowy mountains and plunged into the under water world. Met with dragons, tigers,eagles, mermaids,turtles,giant fish and much much more.
I would recommend Yoga to all my school friends and now even my younger sisters have started classes. They love Yoga just as much as me.

Age 10

Yoga is relaxing for your body and Yoga is fun!
We do different breathing excercises, like the Lion and Humming Bee breath and it makes me feel calm and happy.We also have a 5 minute relaxation story at the end of each class and sometimes I fall asleep. I feel less tired when I have to do my homework after a yoga class.

Age 9